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The history of Ward Chapel African Methodist Episcopal (A.M.E.) goes back to the time of slavery when its members where connected to the Methodist Church in Prattville which was started in 1843. The section of Alabama in which Prattville lies came under the care of organized Methodism when Bishop Roberts, at the South Carolina Conference in December 1818, appointed the Revered Alexander Talley as missionary to the Alabama Territory. Prattville did not yet exist. However, Washington, a village at the the mouth of the Autauga Creek (on the site of the Indian town Atagi) Methodist preaching was taking place by 1819, in various private homes, particularly that of the Reverend Mark Howard. The Alabama Circuit (a territory along the Alabama River, covering the present Autauga, Elmore, and several other counties) reported at the Mississippi Conference, November 17, 1820, a membership of 253 whites and 21 blacks.

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